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Be Swept Away By Sweep Away’s Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services

If you’re looking for a dependable company to clean your residential or commercial space from top to bottom in the Triangle area, Sweep Away Cleaning Service is the way to go! We are dedicated to providing the best service possible and will always make sure you never have to worry about not having the time to take care of cleaning your space yourself.

Call Sweep Away to clean your home or business from top to bottom today.

Our Customized House Cleaning Services

While we can tailor our house cleaning services to meet whatever individual needs you might have, we are ready to clean every single room in your home. Our professional cleaning crew will provide full flexibility as far as scheduling our services, including the option that we can clean your home or place of business without you even being there. Leaving a key, leaving the back door unlocked, or providing us with a garage key code can allow us to clean your home from top to bottom with no problem.



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House Cleaning Checklist

Every Room We Service Receives The Following Cleaning Services

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  1. Remove cobwebs, including around light fixtures
  2. Dust all light fixtures, wall art, etc.
  3. Sweep entire floor 
  4. Vacuum closet (if possible)
  5. Spray Clorox in bowls/shower
  6. Scrub sink bowls /tub bowl
  7. Clean shower including door and bottom of shower removing all mildew
  8. Scrub toilet bowl 
  9. Disinfect all surfaces, sink vanity outside tub, etc. 
  10. Glass clean all mirrors, chrome finishes, outside shower
  11. Disinfect outside of toilet including front, sides and behind
  12. Hand mop out floors with separate wet rag


  1. Remove cobwebs
  2. Dust all light fixtures, wall art, etc.
  3. Scrub sink bowl 
  4. Take microwave plate out and scrub it
  5. Disinfect and clean inside of microwave
  6. Scrub and disinfect top of stove
  7. Dust and clean top of fridge / Stainless steel clean all appliances including inside fridge doors
  8. Disinfect all countertops
  9. Glass clean all needed surfaces including dishwasher , stove( including top ) fridge if needed
  10. Polish countertops with glass cleaner 

Living room / Bedrooms

  1. Remove  cobwebs
  2. Wall to wall dusting of light fixtures,  tops of fans , wall art, etc.
  3. Dusting of all wooden furniture including bottom ,shelving ,etc. 
  4. Dust / clean window sills and ledges 
  5. Glass clean all mirrors and glass top furniture
  6. Sweep any flat surfaces / Vacuum all area rugs / carpets
  7. Wet mop 

Laundry room

  1. Disinfect tops of washer and dryer
  2. Sweep out floors and hand mop with disinfectant cleaner


  • Dust all railings and baseboards on stairs
  • Vacuum stairs with hose from vacuum not letting vacuum brush spin in stairs
  • Wet mop stairs if hardwood

In all rooms…

  • Beds made
  • Trash taken out
  • Sweep and/or mop all floors

Extra charge $

  • Wash outside of cabinets (as needed) – ($10 for kitchen and $5 for bathrooms)
  • Windows glass cleaned top to bottom $10 per room (touched up on maintenance cleanings)
  • Blinds dusted $5 per room  / blinds wet wiped $15 per blind
  • Baseboards wet wiped   $5 per room 
  • Vacuum couches and or furniture $5 per room
  • Clean inside fridge $35   /   inside stove $25

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