dustingWhen company arrives, your home being organized is the first thing that people notice. Even getting ready to host a party or having guests many homeowners miss that stray crumb by the couch or dust that’s gathered on the ceiling fan. Our residential maids have a detailed cleaning process that leaves your home completely fresh, clean and crumb-free.

As with every room of the house, we begin working left to right, top to bottom to clear cob webs, clean light fixtures and ceiling fans. From there, the housekeeping team hand-dusts all entertainment centers, coffee tables and other wood furniture. We carefully dust knickknacks, avoiding breakables (you’ve specified not to touch).

Dusting by Sweep Away Cleaning

Sweep Away offers as part of its cleaning services for Raleigh-Durham, NC home and business clients full dusting services, restoring the shine to surfaces.

Contact us for a no-obligation quote on cleaning your home or business including dusting.