Allergies / Allergy Relief at Home

allergiesWe here at Sweep Away know how bad allergens can be in your home. Dusting and cleaning all glass surfaces (including doors, mirrors and tables) will make a huge difference in allergy proofing your home.

A vital part of any allergy-treatment program, allergy-proofing the home takes some effort and time. But once you develop routines, recurring housecleaning services, and stick to a goal, you can breathe a sigh of relief…without sneezing, sniffling, or wheezing. No area is overlooked.

Minimizing Allergies at Home

From the grimy garage to the dust-prone bedroom, we will tell you how to minimize your risk of agitating your allergies at home. Allergy-proofing your home won’t eliminate all allergens or all your symptoms. But, the more effort you give it, the better you’ll feel.

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